Visuals are extremely important in every marketing strategy. A big percentage of information that your brain perceives is visual. This way if you want to have a great marketing strategy you should use some great visuals. From advertisements and blog posts to email and social media updates, everything has to look as neat as possible. Here you have a list of the greatest visuals you can use to step up your marketing strategy. Keep in mind that nowadays iOS charts are coming up nicely so check them out.

Videos are one of the main types of visuals that you should definitely use. Most customers are more likely to decide favorably when thinking if they should buy a product or not, after watching a video. When you compare them with text Facebook posts or tweets they are always a few steps ahead.

Beautiful photos also boost your marketing game. Content with imagesshows a huge increase in views in front of content with plain text only. People’s eyes are caught by photos so if you make the right choices they will spend more time on your website or social media.

Quotes and memes are nowadays the source of inspiration and amusement for most of the people online. A few quotes posted now and then on your social media can make a huge difference. People will be attracted to them and they will follow your page to view more. Some nice memes added to your blog posts or emails will transmit an emotion to your readers so they will be tempted to come back for that emotion.

Answering questions is a process that a lot of people are starting to enjoy. This way you can use quizzes and random questions in your marketing strategy. If your followers see a well-placed question in your posts they will try to answer it and share it with their friends. You can also write a few quizzes with some more in-depth questions so that your audience will have to spend a little more time thinking about the answers. Try to avoid simple questions that can take a yes or no for an answer and use some more elaborate questions.

Charts, maps, and graphs will bring some data to your audience. People will love data that is presented in some well-made charts. Your charts should be one of the main things you should consider when you are developing a marketing strategy. SciChart is perfect for this. They will help you design the perfect iOScharts for your page and you will engage your audience in a way that other marketers don’t even think about. Visit for more information about iOS charts, android charts and WPF charts.